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basically I tried to navigate my own city, failed miserably and lived to tell the tale

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Covergirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm

If you are a person you would know that lip crayons are all the rage right now. Seeing as I’m a professional bandwagon-jumper, I thought I’d pick one up. I was in Priceline and there was a huge Covergirl LipPerfection stand, so I took this as a sign from the gods to choose Covergirl. I must say that the gods have done a fairly good job.


I started off with about 5 different colours in my basket before settling down and starting off my collection with one like a normal person. I chose the colour Blush Twist 210.



The Colour:

It’s lovely and subtle, adding just enough pigment to colour the lips without overpowering an entire make-up look. I love wearing it as part of my natural, every day make-up.

Long Lasting:

I’ve worn this out all day and the colour doesn’t fade. Goodgoodgood!

The Actual Crayon:

The child within me thoroughly enjoys drawing on my face with what looks and feels like a crayon. It’s nice and smooth to apply. I’m assuming it will be awhile until I have to buy a new one, too!


I think it cost me around $10 at Priceline!



I don’t know why they’ve called this Jumbo Gloss. Maybe if you stand in the sun and move your head in circles it might be glossy. It’s a balm with a hint of shine, but not the texture or look of a lipgloss.

Overall, it’s a really neat little product. I’ll probably go out and buy a couple more colours. It’s a nice little addition to your make-up collection.

aaah such a sweet sweet story! its my dream to see and maybe meet fall out boy/ P Stump one day! is your name really katniss? its so pretty but i never thought id know of someone with that name besides the hunger games :P

Thank you!! Me too I’d love to thank him in person aaah. Yeah Katniss is my middle name but I use it as my first name :)

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how did you contact patrick? :) your story was so sweet, he's always been my idol but your story just made me love him even more. if that's possible!

Aaaah my friend Cat on twitter saw Fall Out Boy in LA in June and offered to give my letter to Patrick when she met him and she did :) I’m just some random girl from Australia and somehow my letter got to him it’s incredible, he’s such an amazing person <3

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Patrick Stump saying hello to me on the 14/6/13. I still cry with happiness every time I watch it.

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did you ever post that video? im excited to see it

Aaaah sorry love, I’ll put it on my youtube channel right now and then post it. Thanks for reminding me!

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I poorly attempted to make cookies to celebrate Patrick Day. I tried at least! Festivities are fun.

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I love Patrick Stump so much and I met him briefly at a fob show earlier this year but I was so shy I only said hi and bye and a brief thank you for making music. I'm so glad I got to meet him but what I said to him isn't even tip of the ice berg of how grateful I am for him and his music sighh anyway your story about the letter is so cute. I'm so glad you got to tell him how you feel :)

That’s so amazing, is he beautiful in real life? Thank you aaaah I’m so blessed it’s the greatest thing to ever happen to me I’m so happy that he read it because it was just me thanking him for his brilliant musically clever compositions and how he is inspiring and as long as he knows how wonderful he is then all us fans are happy :) Have a lovely day angel <3

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Happy Patrick Day!

Hey everyone! If you’ve ever spoken to me, you will know that on the 14th of June 2013 my musical (and life) idol Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy recorded a video saying hello to me (I’ll post it in a second) and then read my 6 page letter and replied to me on twitter. As I’m writing this there’s a massive smile on my face and tears in my eyes. When is that ever not happening to me, lets be real.

I’ve never had a truly treasured, personal thing before. So I’m never going to show anybody the letter I sent him. It doesn’t have anything secret or bad in it, I just like the idea of having written something that has only been read by Patrick and I. I’m lame.

But I will post the replies he sent me. I’m blacking out some of it because it either won’t make sense because you haven’t seen the letter or it’s personal to Patrick and I don’t feel comfortable sharing things that he’s shared with me.



It’s amazing. At least 3 times a week I’ll just either scream into a pillow, sit at the bottom of my shower and sob or jump up and down uncontrollably while brushing my teeth. It was a complete dream come true. As a musician, to have somebody who writes as brilliantly as Patrick take the time to read my epic letter and then log onto twitter, type in my name and reply to me personally is such an incredible honour.

It really gives you faith in life. How likely was it that somebody I idolise actually acknowledge me, let alone reply? How likely was it that out of the millions of letters he receives he read mine? The universe does incredible things for people that send out love and gratitude. I’m getting emotional again, oh lord.

Another thing is that how kind he was. Patrick is incredibly busy, and stayed up especially late after performing a concert and meeting fans to read my letter and reply. He would have been so tired. Patrick is incredibly caring and thoughtful, and to know that people out there are like that is comforting and wonderful.

I was so lucky to have this happen in my life. I even got a tattoo so I’ll never forget it. How lucky am I to idolise somebody who is even better than I thought he was? People out there look up to celebrities that unfortunately probably couldn’t care less about them as individuals or aren’t as kind as they build them up to be in their heads. I’m honestly blessed.

It’s changed my life. Amazing, unbelievable things happen when you send out love and gratitude into the world and expect nothing back. Dreams do come true. People are more wonderful than you could ever imagine.

Happy Patrick Day, everyone.

Listening To: Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy

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